Review Roundup: Microsoft Surface Pro 8, Surface Laptop Studio, and Surface Go 3

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 8. (Photo: Microsoft)
The ratings are on the latest Microsoft Surface devices, and they’re glowing – well, most of the time. The release of Surface Pro 8, Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Go accompanies the release of Windows 11, so basically good.

Surface Pro 8

The fanciest of Microsoft’s latest devices, the Surface Pro 8 has a larger screen size and a more modern design. Our colleagues Matthew Buzzi and John Burek from PCMag Clues that the updated Core i7 11th. They also mention that while the device itself is a bit heavier than its predecessor, it has better performance than the Dell Latitude 7320 2-in-1 – a PCMag favorite of 2021 due to its additional warmth space – Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable, and the Surface Go 3, another new offering from Microsoft. In addition, by eliminating the display frame, Microsoft was able to develop a tablet that is immediately appealing to the eye technically Bigger size shouldn’t stop most people from taking the plunge.

Digital Trends calls the Surface Pro 8 a “worthy opponent“Of the iPad Pro; both have a bright 120Hz refresh rate display and both work best with their respective brands’ pressure sensitive bluetooth pen. Their review mentions how the Surface Pro 8 is finally helping restore Microsoft’s ridiculous reputation by offering two Thunderbolt 4 ports, a headphone jack, and a Surface Dock magnetic connection. Overall, Digital Trends found that the Surface Pro line lives up to its potential. Starting at $ 1,600, it’s not exactly an entry-level price, but it’s not the main competitor either.

Surface Laptop Studio

The brand new Surface Laptop Studio also starts at $ 1,600. So why did Microsoft make two tablets for the same price? The Surface Laptop Studio is a flip-open device with a built-in keyboard that gives it a similar feel to the Macbook Pro, there noticed by Toms Guide. With a little muscle, the Surface Laptop Studio can be flipped and folded to enjoy as a tilted tablet screen or to keep it as it is used as a laptop. The base unit offers an 11th Intel Core i5 CPU (with two other models in between).

The folks at Tom’s Guide mention that the most expensive model (as well as the one underneath it) is an effective gaming laptop, although the device is generally best used with the Surface Slim Pen 2 stylus, which can be tucked under the front lip at Use in laptop mode. Its touchscreen display is bright enough to be used in direct sunlight and can reach a refresh rate of 120 Hz, similar to the Surface Pro 8. Playback.

The Surface Laptop Studio can be flipped over to use it as a tablet, but Tom’s Guide says it’s a little sticky. (Photo: Microsoft)

Surface Go 3

The honeymoon phase ends with the Surface Go 3. While the device is using “elegant hardware“, A responsive touchscreen and great mobility, its practicality is not quite what one would expect, says Engadget. Since Windows – yes, even the latest version – still doesn’t offer an impressive tablet experience, the keyboard attachment is a must. This increases the realistic price from $ 400 to $ 600. Additionally, the base unit only contains 4GB of RAM, 64GB of eMMC storage, and an Intel Pentium 6500Y processor, which pushes almost anyone who wants their tablet to last a long time to upgrade. If you walked out the door, Engadget says, you might as well have bought a regular laptop with better specs.

CNN describes The Surface Go 3’s performance is said to be “sluggish,” with lag being essentially the compromise for an (initially) exhilarating price point. After using the tablet for almost a week, the news agency concluded that it would be best for users who only need the device for Internet browsing and “light work”. Compared to the similarly expensive iPad or iPad Mini, the Surface Go 3 is not exactly up to date, and its display bezels leave the design of the device in the dust. However, if you’re looking forward to taking advantage of Windows 11’s new multitasking capabilities, look in a different direction.

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